Baseball Team & Coaching Staff Clinics

Clinics and workshops designed to educate full teams or coaching staffs on rules, situations, umpire perspectives and other valuable aspects that you will not get in your everyday baseball surroundings. Gain an edge over the competition by taking a look at your game in more depth and from another perspective.


The experience and instinct that goes with playing the game allows for an assumption of knowledge of basic information. That's why a 20 hour umpire training program for higher-level players is usually a good fit.
Learn your game from an important perspective and you will benefit on many levels:
You will gain confidence and develop leadership skills while learning how to umpire. Being a well-trained umpire can lead to an attractive part-time job, later advancement to higher levels and substantial earnings for years to come.
You will also learn more about your game in more depth than you ever thought possible. The knowedge and insight you will carry into your game as a competitor will give you an edge.
Our 8 hour Weekender and our 4 hour Quick Start programs are also availble to teams along with all the optional services. You can also check us out by signing up for the Sneak Peek Seminar. See our umpire training page.